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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

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Employment tips so your income counts

It is Important that you do not change or quite your job during this process. The processor will verify that you are still employed at the company listed on your application right before closing.

Do not change the way in which you are paid. For example, if you were paid as a W-2 employee, do not switch to payment as a 1099 employee, as various forms of income are calculated differently. Changing the way you are paid could reduce the amount the income we are to document.

Keep Track of the following:

  • Latest 2 years tax returns

  • Most recent paystub

  • Last 2 years of W2, K1 or 1099

These are the areas the banks pay attention to when calculation your income. You DTI (Debt to income ratio) Is a very important part of your qualification. Your income can be calculated in various ways, however your debt is calculated through your credit report. The Adeline Mortgage Team provides continues information and knowledge in all areas of real estate and financing, contact us for details or follow us on facebook and twitter for updates on our blogs.

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